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Moisture Control Havelock, NC When there is a rise in humidity levels in your crawl spaces, moisture condensates on all the surfaces, leading to serious issues in your home. These issues can result in health problems as well as the need for prohibitively expensive repairs. Most of the concerns traditionally associated with rotting and damaged or deteriorated crawl spaces are due to some basic flaws in the manner that these areas were designed.

When you recognize the impact of crawl space humidity and moisture, you can take the necessary measures against it and determine how to prevent these problems in the future. It's also very important that you hire a skilled and seasoned crawlspace repair and moisture control contractor for the job.

We at Drain Rain Seamless Gutters & Drainage Solutions have been serving clients in and around New Bern, Morehead City, Havelock, for many years now. The solutions we offer are customized to suit your requirements and the needs of your property.

It’s also why a large number of property owners in Swansboro, Beaufort and Jacksonville trust only us for all their basement and crawlspace moisture control service needs. We have successfully completed a large number of projects in these areas, on both commercial and residential properties.

Problems Caused By Crawlspace Humidity

The key point is that if the outdoor air is humid or wet, then your crawl space vents are automatically bringing in a lot of moisture. Timber features that stay damp in dark crawl spaces are the perfect habitat for mold. Eventually, mold results in wood decay that can completely destroy various structural parts of your house. Crawl space moisture can cause a number of different problems in your home:

  • Rusted, corroded metal- Girders, posts, and beams that are part of the supporting structure can start to rust, impacting the integrity of your foundation.
  • Rotting & mold- As the moisture levels increase in your crawl spaces, it creates the perfect conditions for rot and mold growth. Left unaddressed, all organic materials in this area will become damaged, including your structural support beams and wooden floorboards. Rotting crawl spaces will start to sag, creating unstable and uneven floors above. In certain extreme cases, segments of the flooring may even start to cave in.
  • Allergens and odors- Mold spores are allergens, and they can considerably affect family members that suffer from asthma or allergies.
  • Pests- Pests such as wood-eating beetles, carpenter ants, crickets, and termites thrive in moldy and rotting wood. The vents become an open invitation for them to enter and infest your home.
  • Higher energy bills- During the summer months, moisture in crawl spaces will increase your property’s cooling bills. If you have noticed water dripping from your window-mounted air conditioners it’s caused by excessive humidity in the indoor air. Humid air is far more expensive to cool compared to dry air.

Custom Moisture Control Services

We handle moisture control in crawlspaces using a range of solutions such as:

  • Repairing crawl spaces and sealing them against moisture
  • Installing vapor barriers
  • Mold removal/remediation
  • Insulating foundations
  • Installing sump pumps and dehumidifiers
  • Crawl space encapsulation
  • Installing exterior drainage systems (French drains)

We offer high-grade services, at very low moisture control cost. For any more information about our services or to discuss your project details, feel free to call Drain Rain Seamless Gutters & Drainage Solutions at 252-671-2817.

Feel free to contact us here at Drain Rain Seamless Gutters & Exteriors.
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